Lily i-Size

Adjustable car seat for newborns and toddlers up to 4 years of age (45-105 cm)

Lily i-Size

Adjustable car seat for newborns and toddlers up to 4 years of age (45-105 cm)
  • For newborns and toddlers: high-quality car seat with a long service life for children from 45-105 cm (from birth to approx. 4 years)
  • The ultimate in safety: sophisticated features in line with the i-Size standard (R129) ensure your child reaches their destination in safety and comfort
  • A child seat that grows with your child: the headrest can be adjusted into 10 different positions to suit the height of your child
  • The Isofix Base Root rotates 360 degrees and can be used to affix the Lily i-Size into your car so it can be used as a rear-facing seat too
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Discover the Lily i-Size - perfect for your little one’s first four years!

Together with the Isofix Base Root, you can use the child seat in your car as either a forward or rear-facing seat. From the moment they’re born to the age of about four, or at a height between 45 and 105 cm, the Lily i-Size is a reliable choice for keeping your little one safe and comfortable. In their first 15 months (45-76 cm), your baby should always travel in a rear-facing seat. The seat comes with an insert to make it smaller as well as a 5-point belt system featuring comfortable shoulder pads, for the ultimate in comfort and safety at all times. The Isofix Base Root is used to firmly affix the child seat in your car. As soon as your little one is big enough, simply remove the seat insert for a larger seat. The Isofix Base Root rotates 360 degrees, so getting your child into their seat has never been easier. You can turn the Lily i-Size towards you to make it easier to sit your little one down and strap them in - you no longer have to bend over and reach inside your vehicle. The car seat can be locked securely into place in either a forward or rear-facing position using the swivel lock, so it is possible to use the Lily child seat as a typical rear-facing seat. The comfort headrest can be adjusted to an impressive 10 different heights so the Lily i-Size grows as your child does. What’s more, you can easily adjust the seat angle into any of the 3 sitting and lying positions with just one hand and when reclined all the way, your little angel can enjoy a relaxed, stress-free car ride lying down. Maximum safety for your child: in the event of an accident, the resulting force is evenly distributed and minimised thanks to the seat’s side impact protection and energy-absorbing shell. This keeps your child's head, neck, torso and pelvis very safe.

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Dimensions (l x w x h) 59 x 41 x 57 cm
Total weight 7,05 kg
Compatibility Isofix Base Root
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