Mallow 2 Fix i-Size

Growing car seat for children from 15 - 36 kg (approx. 3 - 12 years)

Mallow 2 Fix i-Size

Growing car seat for children from 15 - 36 kg (approx. 3 - 12 years)
  • Universal child's seat group 2/3 with long service life - ideal for cars with and without Isofix
  • The ultimate in safety: sophisticated features in line with the i-Size standard (R129) ensure your child reaches their destination in safety and comfort
  • A system that grows with you: the headrest can be adjusted into 12 different positions to suit the height and needs of your child
  • Simple and flexible to fix in your car: you can attach the child seat either only using your car’s 3-point belt system or using the Isofix connector system as well
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Kindersitz Aspen i-Size Sicherheit

i-Size: More safety for your child in the car

The EU safety regulation ECE R 129, or the i-Size standard, brought a new, more stringent child seat standard into force which takes into account the latest developments and findings in the field of child safety in cars. It aims to ensure the child’s protection and safety in the vehicle is at its optimum possible extent. It supports the head and neck area and offers significantly more protection in case of frontal and side impact. The new Aspen child seat is designed according to all these criteria and meets the i-Size standard. With its safety and comfort features, it ensures that your child experiences every journey safely, comfortably and trouble-free.

Does it fit into my car?

This child seat is an i-Size car seat. i-Size car seats fit in any car with an ISOFIX attachment system. If your car does not have ISOFIX points, you can use our tool to check whether the seat will still fit in your car. Before purchasing the child seat, we recommend that you check its compatibility with your vehicle. You can find out more about this at your local qualified ABC Design specialist retailer.

Mounting position:

The Mallow 2 child seat gets your child to their destination in safety and comfort

This car seat is perfect for adapting to the needs of your child, growing as they grow and keeping them comfortable at the same time. Ideal for cars with and without Isofix: you can easily attach the softly padded car seat with your car’s 3-point seatbelt. The additional Isofix system provides even more safety and stability. A child seat that grows with your child: the headrest on the Mallow 2 child seat can be adjusted into 12 different positions so it can be adapted to suit the height of your child over a long period. The smart belt guide system prevents the seatbelt from slipping and twisting, keeping it in the right position to provide optimal security. Thanks to the seat’s extra-soft padding, your child can enjoy the ultimate in comfort even on longer journeys. The i-Size standard provides maximum safety. In the event of a frontal or side collision, the child seat distributes and thus minimises the resulting forces. This provides even more protection for your child's head, neck, upper body and pelvis. You can fasten the child seat into your car in two ways: either using only your car’s 3-point belt system or by using the Isofix system as well. The connector system has various adjustment options and thus adapts perfectly to the length of the car seat. Handy colour indicators always show you whether the seat has been attached correctly or not.

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Important data and facts

Dimensions (l x w x h) 44 x 46 x 59 cm
Total weight 5,2 kg