Our responsibility

We know that our work carries enormous responsibilities. Parents all over the world trust us and our products. Every employee at ABC is both required and obliged to act in awareness of this trust and of their responsibility. We love aesthetics and design; but the quality and safety of our products are always our highest priority, and elements on which we never compromise. As a measure of the quality of our products, and by way of positive and frank feedback, nothing beats the happy laughter of a child.

What makes your ABC Design product safe:

  • Consistent compliance with international quality standards and relevant certification
  • Outstanding production quality and in-house product development
  • Comprehensive, extensive materials testing
  • Additional voluntary safety and quality tests by recognised independent institutes
  • Additional internal product testing at our own trial facility
  • Thorough inspections at all production stages on every single product and product element, from frame to fabric
  • More than 30 years of expertise, experience and commitment in the development and manufacture of pushchairs and pushchair accessories
  • Engineering and design skills honed over many years
  • Profound consciousness of responsibility and quality, as well as the commitment and enthusiasm which all our employees feel in connection with their work, our brand and our products

Our standards and certificates